Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Graphic Narrative - Mood Boards

These are 2 A3 Mood Boards which i explored for my Graphic Narrative of 'Nirvana' and as you can see i explored how the character would look in the Graphic piece capturing different circumstances within the piece, so i thought a man in a suit to show possible upper class/ good job, more of a middle class look but still possible a good job and i wanted to capture sadness within the story so i chose those two images to work from. Also with this piece i explored the setting of which takes place on a coach driving through the snow and looked at all the possible sights he might encounter, like the coach driver, other passengers and even the ticket. The second mood board captures the main setting and to find out how the style and aesthetics of a traditional dinner looks i wanted to capture the neon signs, the old waitress and even other customers but most of all the 70's look within the dinner, the red and white. This setting also needed to be within a motorway and the property had to be detached because for this piece i think it would look best if it was sectioned off from the rest of the world to bring the "magic" within the piece.

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