Thursday, 21 February 2013

My Interpretation of Richard Hamilton's piece

With the thought of Richard Hamilton's piece I went onto create my own of the modern era, i went for a more minimalistic aspect to the room. Even though it is different to Richard Hamilton's, I decided to go for a family rather than the couple to distinguish the gender roles because in this time families are much more common and it consists of a mother and father, however there roles could be different and in some circumstances it can be single parents, I also got the TV because in this time our lives are mostly centred around a TV and this is an aspect which i took and made obvious with its size also social networking is dominating the world with its 'statuses' and 'tweets', by showing their logos and having them quite central shows its hierarchy in this circumstance. With the technological advances from the 1960's to now I placed the two apple products which are much desired, with this you can clearly see the difference between the two with the advances we have received. Also the city background is to show that about 70% of people either choose or want to live within the city and has become more desired than the urban areas.

Richard Hamilton

Richard Hamilton's work showed the view of a standard living room back in the 1960's showing the different roles featured by men and women with the obvious use of advertising however there is a lot more that meets the eye with this piece as the male figure in this piece was a celebrity at this time and his body was meant to be idolised by other males. Also the female figure on the stairs is a stereotypical view of women as this shows her as a housewife, with this image it also captures the technological advancements that where taking place like 'going to the moon' and at this time TV's where just being introduced within households.