Tuesday, 30 April 2013

My interpretation of the Book Covers

These are my interpretations of these book covers and i am very proud of how they have come out, Black Cats and Evil Eyes uses Lucida Blackletter as the main title which gives it this Old English look and the Eye on the front cover encourages the readers to be drawn in as 'eyes are the window to the soul' and the redness gives the element of danger which is engaging to its intended audience. The Beginner's Goodbye i went for a more black and white look for a traditional tale story with a simple line drawing of an oak tree and then the use of Monotype Corsiva gives a note like feel to the typeface which gives the quality of it being personal, also the font colour, i chose a deep red because the story consists of an accident which involves a death, so with this element of red shows the reader thatthere is danger/ death in the book before reading it.   

Original Book Covers

These are the original front cover layouts for my chosen books for my project 'Never Judge a Book by it's Cover', Black Cats and Evil Eyes is a very good and strong concept whereas i feel The Beginner's Goodbye is not as successful to the fact of it not getting what the story may be about.