Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Mood Board for Setting of the Game

These are Mood Boards depicting on the aspects of which the intro to our Game will take place, this research was required to give a more realistic view to our game and i created two separate mood boards because there was two aspects which i want to combine. First mood board shows the setting of a Laboratory and the images are quite dark because i depicted lethal injection as this is the type of experiments which we have discussed are possible to take place within the concentration camp,  also getting floor plans will help within thinking of how the floor plan to our location will look. The second mood board shows imagery from German concentration camps and as you can see most of the imagery is black and white which works well because that is the colour scheme which we plan to follow with.  

Monday, 7 October 2013

Mood Board for 1930 Europe

This is a Mood Board which I have produced to show what Europe was like in the 1930's, with the events such as, Spanish Civil War (1935), Adolf Hitler appointed Chancellor of Germany (1933), First Nazi Concentration Camp established (1933), The Great Purge (100's of thousands people killed), Germany issue the anti-Jew law(1935), World War 2 began (1939) and the Great Terror began in the Soviet Union.